Saturday, April 09, 2011

our week in iphone pictures {sixteen}

holy crap load of pics this week! i think i have an iphone picture taking obsession really. its always with me and i am always trying to capture the adorableness that is CORBIN!
playing on the comfy hotel chair!
day two of gorgeous weather! we went to pig n pancake for breakfast!
and corbin tried a lemon! he kept making funny faces but went back for more so i'd say he liked it!
then we did some outlet shopping and ryan dished out fifty cents to make that ride actually move!
laughing at the wind with nana on the balcony and feeding buzz his lunch!
eating dinner at izzy's pizza! (yum!) and packing up to head home a day early since corbin passed his plague onto everyone!
heading home. pollution is the worst but i thought it looked cool with the dark sky behind it. and my once a year hot dog at the original pronto pup!
pit stop in gorgeous portland for some voodoo donuts! i had to wait in a line wrapped around the block!
finally inside! there were so many choices but i knew i had to try a bacon maple bar! it was as good as everyone says!!
having fun (and doing a little snoozin') in the backseat on our way home!
just watching some tractor videos on you tube. no big deal. and bustin a move to the latin beats at lunch!
 how boys play with playdough! and coloring in his cars coloring book!!
lunch time! pears in ketchup!? ew.
some serious concentration driving that tractor up moms leg! and looking sweet and adorable at breakfast!!
i asked corbin if he could "pretend to sneeze" and instead he said, "cheeeeese" and gave me that smile!
and corbin walking flowers to give to his nana.
 leaving flowers for nana in her tractor since corbin made her sick and can't give him rides for a few days! :(
helping papa mow the yard. and being silly with a straw. he's seriously becoming quite the ham!


  1. i should totally be doing something like this. my posts are all over the place!

    his curls kill me! hah, oliver loves lemons, too.
    aaand, now i want a super awesomely gross corndog!


  2. these are the best iphone pics yet i think. i love the hanging out watching tractor stuff on youtube shot. so awesome.

  3. He looks like a little professor in the glasses!

  4. oh man...his pose watching his videos. dead.

    also, so jealous of your week. and your doughnuts.

    play soon?!

  5. Oh my gosh - the lemon face, glasses pics and the one with him in the hat are my favorites! SO precious! I have a camera phone obsession, too. It's just so convenient!!

  6. I love the name Corbin! Cute pics! I'm now a follower : )

  7. I kept scrolling down thinking, aw! that's my favorite! and then I'd get to the next set and think no, THAT'S my favorite! He is just too too cute.

  8. corbin snoozin' & modeling glasses is the BEST.

  9. he is the absolute sweeties! i love the picture of him watching tractors on youtube, all "i be chillin" lmao


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