Monday, April 04, 2011

our week in iphone pictures {fifteen}

sharing a muffin with corbin at FIVE AM since he woke up early with a peed thru diaper!! so we took an early bath too!
just doing some auto repair on my car. and reading a book after an intense ab workout!
corbin hates babylegs. and has an invisible arm!!
just reading some video game and pbk magazines.
you never know who is behind the computer screen. and corbin is headed to narnia!
we made homemade playdough but corbin got sick (and threw up for the first time) so we havent played with it yet...
sick lounging on mom.
feeling  a little better throughout the day!
midnight cookie tossing = midnight bath, cuddles, and cartoons til he fell back to sleep.
 low key coloring for the sick boy. (dont be fooled, this only lasts a few minutes)
ready to go on vacation! getting sleepy on the long car ride!
we made it! and the weather couldnt be nicer! having breakfast at starbucks with the old people!
playing in the hotel with dad! and his first time playing in the sand! (he loved it!!!)


  1. LOVE this post! So many pics this week! Corbin is just adorable! I would really love your recipe for playdoh if you can email me or post it or whatever. Hope Corbin is feeling much better!<3

  2. yea! i miss you guys! i hope you are having so much fun!

  3. Poor sick Corbin :(
    I hope he's doing better now, and you guys are enjoying your vacation!!


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