Sunday, April 17, 2011

our week in iphone pics! {seventeen}

sunday evening we decided to go look for new bedding for our room. BAD IDEA! we have the exact opposite taste and everything i loved, he hated and vice versa. ah well. im sure we'll find something eventually.
corbin was the only one who came home with something after all that shopping and i think its safe to say he is IN LOVE with his new brobee!
playing outside looking like a big kid!
driving tractors on dads head (his newest favorite thing to do)!
gettin' squirted! bathtime cuteness!
we finally made it to story time after like six weeks of missing it for one reason or another.
corbin took a nap in the car on the way home and was extra snuggly when he woke up.
reading the "morning paper" with breakfast!
my bangs are in that in-between stage of growing out and NOTHING i do will stop "the flip"! ugh.
corbin and i checked out a new bounce house in a nearby town. he didnt bounce as much as he played in this bus. the inflatables are smaller and corbin is able to do more on his own though. we'll be back!
on our way there we spotted a john deere tractor dealership and after lunch we stopped by to check it out. corbin was in some serious john deere heaven!!
handsome lunch date at taco del mar.
heading to the desert.
eating a pb&j big kid style. and uh, corbin. im pretty sure you're not supposed to be doing that!
more bounce house fun! corbin NEVER goes into those by himself (its usually me shoving him in and him immedietly climbing out) but he spent a lot of time in them this time!
corbin cant hardly handle watching my dance moves! ha
side walk chalk fun! the rain washed it away a few hours later and corbin would rather eat the chalk but i had fun!


  1. Oh man, we went through the same ordeal when we were trying to find bedding. I lost that battle. Ha ha. Sidewalk chalk!!! That sounds like so much fun!

  2. haha he's so cute! :) by the way i love your banner!

  3. BTW, I LOVE that the bangs flip! It look so cute.

  4. I like the hair flip! that one with the shirt over the head is too cute!

  5. We need a new bedspread, too. We also cant agree on anything. Our bedspread is literally falling apart. I'm prolly gonna go pick one out because in the long run, he really won't care! Haha!

  6. Oh my gosh, sooooooooooo cute!! I love the pictures of him with Brobee!! And I'm so jealous that you guys have multiple bounce houses by you - we don't even have one!!

  7. re: bedding set...have you checked Urban Outfitters? They've got tons of cute stuff ( )!!!

    Heh, we keep missing "story time" too, but Nolan brings me books all day long so a day never passes without a book or two. Still, we've gotta get back into it!!!


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