Sunday, April 24, 2011

our week in iphone pics! {eighteen}

we had a busy weekend! saturday at an easter egg hunt! (corbin was feeding chickens in that pic!)
sunday at the puyallup fair eating delicious scones! we bought a bakers dozen and they were gone in three days!
watching the little rascals (he loves it!) and dad and papa working outside while he eats dinner!
lazy, sicky morning playing with chill toys.
yard work! (barf-a-rama! we're clearing out rocks and brush in our back yard so we can have grass go all the way back to the river!!) and pretending to like cauliflower!
story time at the library where im convinced some germy kid got him sick but not before he read george a book! and getting some help from buzz behind the wheel at the grocery store!
the breakfast table and corbin laughing at the neighbor puppies playing (and POOPING!) in our yard!
lazy sicky mcsickerson! i hate that you can just tell he's sick by looking at his eyes! :(
a fresh load of top soil a dump truck brought to our house! corbin loved watching it but was a little scared by the loud noises it made.
instead of helping dad and papa work in the yard we cuddled on the couch and watch corbin jam with the wiggles!
just waking up...could that face BE any cuter!? and checking out fish!! possible first pet??

sad, sick corbin. this day was one of the hardest days of being a mom. not being able to do anything to help make him better but cuddle and hug and kiss him! 
  happy earth day! despite corbin not feeling well, we got outside for some fresh air!
feeling a little better and helping me with the dishes and nomming on a juicy pear!
saturday i woke up to this sweetness! corbin and his daddy snuggling in bed watching youtube videos!
and later that day we ran to the produce market where corbin and this cat are quickly becoming best friends!!


  1. Oh I hate when the little ones are sick... my monster spiked a fever twice yesterday. Crappy crappy. I hope Corbin gets to feeling better.

  2. josh shows wyatt youtube videos on his phone too! haha! so cute!


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