Monday, April 18, 2011

nineteen and twenty months old.

so so many things corbin has been up to these past two months. today he is twenty months old. did you hear that?! TWENTY!
without further ado i think i'll just jump right in and brag about my kid and all the amazing things he knows and all the sweet things i don't want to ever forget!

he knows up and down, can jump off the ground (sometimes. the first time he did it he landed right on his butt!), pats his animals and us when he hugs, kisses (FINALLY!), fake cries and fake laughs, loves to "help" cook, loves sharing his food, waves and says hi to everyone and everything but at the same time has total stranger danger. i'll randomly catch him just sitting or standing and patting his foot or hand like he's keeping a beat. he sings songs and mumbles words like, "ridetractormamatacodadabulldozerpoopoo" right before he falls asleep most nights. he mostly eats at his new big kid table and likes to drink water more than juice.
he likes spinning and getting dizzy, singing the batman and bob the builder and john deere songs, watching himself on home videos, laughing at people falling down or hurting themselves, kissing his reflection, being outside, wherehouse mouse, special agent oso, and crackers for breakfast.

he dislikes showers, people he doesn't know, sitting in high chairs, and not being able to go outside.
corbin is sweet. he's cuddly and concerned and i CAN NOT get enough of his cuddles and hugs and kisses. which he only gives when he wants.

and silly too. he is quickly realizing that being the center of attention is fun. having everyone laugh at him by doing something funny like run around in circles with ryan's hat on his head yelling, "yayablagleeebooobeeee".

im so proud of his vocabulary too. im not totally sure where he ranks with kids his age but in my opinion corbin is the master of words! my list (yes i keep a list) is a few away from one hundred words he can say. and he puts many of them together. "where's the tractor at?" "thank you mama" "i go that way" and "hi buzz" everytime he sees his night light are just a few. and my newest favorite words of his are: bulldozer, rock, please (pah), lawn mower, ride, thank you (tain yuuu), blue, knock knock, fork, ready set goooo, circle, and all aboard.
i say it every month but he's fun. and just keeps getting funner! i cant believe we're only four months away from the big two!!


  1. gah those baby blues kill me! so bright! <3

  2. he's such a gorgeous kid!!! so smart too! Nolan loves watching videos online too, and tractors, trucks, 'dozers :) He loves going outside too. I love this age, so fun! I can't believe he'll be two in just 5 comes quickly!

  3. Of course he would say, "Where is the tractor at?" He has to find them all, right? He is such a handsome boy.

  4. Those pics are so gorgeous! It's so fun to jot down these moments to revisit later.

  5. i just wanna eat that little boy right up! P is 21 months and I LOVE it but it's insane she will be two soon where does the time go I ask you!?

  6. Oh gosh, Corbin and Sierra are literally just two days apart! I knew they were the same age-ish but they are practically birthday buddies :)

    <33 Lauren


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