Thursday, April 21, 2011

love lately.

i dont usually put a lot of me on this blog. its all about corbin and his adventures but i come across a lot of stuff that i think would be fun to make or buy or is just too adorable not to share! while typing that i realized that many of these are based around kids but that's my life now so here we go!
i have no words. but i wish i had one hundred and twenty dollars!

i could eat one of these every day for the rest of my liiiiiiife!!

the newest toy from green toys!! corbin already has a green toys fire truck, garbage truck, and dump truck and they are some of his favorite toys! also? they are made from one hundred percent recycled milk bottles!

o! m! g! this site. one of my high school friends tweeted about it and i am EXCITED for it to finally open! i suppose it would be easy to make my instagram pictures into fridge magnets on my own but i always love when someone else will just do it for me! such a great idea!

i love the idea of this and with yard sale season fast approaching {or really its probably already here} i am keeping my eye out for old books/prints to make some of these! it would also be a cute birthday party decoration made with scrapbook paper too!

so that's it for now. i cant promise this every week but whenever my favorites section gets a few fun things in it, i'll post them!

(also, i know a lot of other bloggerss that do similar things like this post. im not trying to be a copy cat BELIEVE ME! just want to share fun things that i enjoy with my readers!)


  1. I WANT that elephant fact, I may even send this pic to my Grampa...who is a carpenter!!! I bet he could whip one up for a lot cheaper than that!

  2. i love that you are doing this. and i totally feel that everyone should do this. I do it occasionally. everyone has different tastes, so it is nice to see what everyone likes. i like the elephant too, but i really like the garland idea. and my fav. is definitely the sticky grams. can't wait for that!

  3. AHHHH! okay, the sticky gram is obviously making me so excited right now i can barely handle it. love green toys, too, and that garland with old books?? amazing. you find rad stuff, dude.

  4. i actually like posts like these, it's a fun way to find great stuff without having to search the internet for hours. and let's be honest, i forget half of the cool stuff i find anyway!

  5. I hope you didnt think I was serious when i called you a blog copy catter on twitter yesterday I was totally kidding!

    Anyway I love that shelf but I could never justify spending $120 on a book shelf that holds 8 books!!

  6. I want that elephant shelf too! so cute!


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