Friday, April 01, 2011

how we survive rainy days!

it's day six hundred here in the rain department. we were spoiled before all this rain started by hints of spring. cool, dry days where we spent hours and hours outside and it was almost becoming a routine for us. its one of corbins favorite places to be and im almost certain he would spend all day out there if i let him. i was trying to think of something fun for us to do today since we havent been out of the house pretty much all week and i thought homemade playdough would do the trick! we could make it together and play with it together for the rest of the day!!

i think it was a little too close to nap time though and my little helper was not very interested in helping.
but then i found a little package of whoppers (halloween candy!!) and he was back in the helping mood!
this part was fun! watching his face as he dug his hand into the baking soda and feeling the weird texture. well, until he started taking big handfuls and throwing it in the air!
bu then we added some water and corn starch and mixed away.
while it boiled on the stove corbin got friendly with the cookie jar!
(cute story about that cookie jar. after ryan and i first moved in together he came home from the grocery store one day and told me he got us something special. this cookie jar was it! so its lived on all of our kitchen counters since!)
and while it cooled and i make the plain white dough turn into pretty colors corbin took a little snooze!
next time i'll use more natural dyes like beets or strawberries and blueberries and would like to even have it be scented with lavendar or something but since this was spur of the moment food coloring did the trick!
when corbin woke up from his nap it was PLAYDOUGH TIME!! but something was off about him. it kinda had been all morning. he only ate a cereal bar for breakfast and didnt want to eat lunch or anything else for that matter! and was asking to go back to sleep over and over but never falling asleep when we layed back down. at one point i got his toy story blanket from his bed to bring with us into the living room and as we were both walking out of his bedroom he turned around and gave me this sad little face. i bent down to pick him up and he threw up all over us. it was the first time he has ever thrown up and i felt so bad for him! after we both took a quick shower he finally fell asleep again and has just been laying around all afternoon. barely eating though. ryan brought home some pedialyte so he's been drinking that. i guess the playdough will have to wait til another day to be played with...


  1. oh no! throwing up is terrible! i would have been so freaked out. i've actually never dealt with that yet. poor corbin! i'm thinking about him today.

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  3. I like the idea of putting scents into the playdough like lavender and chamomile to calm them lol.... tricky , tricky!

  4. the naptime picture made me want to hug and squeeze him. there is just something about sleeping babies!

  5. OH NO and i just read the part where he got sick. hugs to him!

  6. oh no! i hope he's feeling better by now, throwing up babies is the saddest thing ever. they look at you like, "mom...why does this taste so horrible? what's happening to me??!?!" SAD. i love the picture of him mixing the playdough :)

  7. awwww! poor Corbin! Hopefully he doesn't have the world's worst stomach virus - rotavirus. It's been going around everywhere, strangely enough!

    Love the pic of him crying, but sad that he was sad :(

    You're one brave mama to let him mix up dough near your laptop! haha


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