Monday, April 25, 2011

happy easter!

corbin woke up easter morning to a basket full of goodies from the easter bunny!
his face when he saw his basket! the end of a "wowwwww".
the easter bunny brought him a skip hop monkey lunch bag, silly straws, cars silverware, a new shirt, crayons, and eggs full of fruit snacks and bunny grahams!!
yay! a lightening mcqueen spoon!
after breaskfast and a nap we got ready and headed down the road to mimi and papa's house to help build the swing set and have dinner with the family!! his easter basket there had two new sprig trucks, the incredibles, and some new clothes!!

we had such a fun day! easter is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. i cant wait for next weekend when we celebrate with my side of the family!!


  1. These pictures are so fun!
    I think Easter is my favorite holiday!
    And, how much fun is Corbin going to have with a swing set?!?! We're jealous over here :)

  2. i love feetie jammies!!!!!
    and that swing set is awesome!

  3. I'm like a slave for that cute little look that me give when he looks up and smiles. FREAKIN ADORABLE!

  4. looks like an incredible easter!!

  5. oh my gosh that swing set looks amazing.

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  7. I love love love his Easter bucket! Looks like an awesome Easter!

    And yay, the swingset looks nearly done!!

  8. what a great mom!!! love the basket. and he is just too adorable.

  9. I LOVE the pic of Corbin's face when he is holding the orange egg. haha. Adorable! Wow what a awesome swingset!

  10. Or is that a fort/Corbin Clubhouse.


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