Wednesday, April 20, 2011

corbin sicky pants!

the tiny ugly germs are at it again in our household! corbin woke up this morning with flushed red cheeks and a hot head. i hate it when he's under the weather but love all the extra snuggles! we did low key things like watch cartoons and play trucks/tractors on his bed!
 oh, and we had a huge dump truck drop off some top soil. no big deal.
even though he was scared of it when it was right up close to him, im pretty sure it made his life to watch it back up to our back yard and dump that load of dirt just like the shows he watches and books he reads!

i sure hope he gets better SOON! we've already had to cancel two big days of fun activities and i really hate seeing him sick!


  1. Hahaaaa!! Poor Corbin. Collin send get well vibes.

  2. Get well soon Corbin! Love those faces...

  3. It is always the tell-tale sign that they are sick when their little cheeks get red. It's the saddest thing ever :(

  4. i hope he gets better soon too! that picture you tweeted broke my heart.

  5. Things I never get a chance to so anymore: Visit all my fave blogs!


    How is it that Corbin can still be SO cute when he's sick? Claire always looks like a hot mess!

  6. haha awwwh Corbin!!! so adorable!


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