Tuesday, March 01, 2011

remember that one time it was valentine's day?

yeah, i haven't blogged about it yet! and i hate when i do that because i forget all those little moments i wanted to write down and remember. so instead of a sweet post about our day, you get four pictures with captions!
 corbin's valentines sent to the ones he loves best!
 kiss, smooch, muuuuaaah!!
 busted out the bath water dyes and corbin had a red bath before bed!
then into his mickey mouse valentine's day pj's and off to dream land he went!


  1. It's never too late to post cute pictures like this!! And water dyes!.. what a good idea!

  2. omg. that last picture is hilarious.

  3. I love the kisses all over his face :) And the bath dyes....you're such a clever momma!

  4. such a great idea! and the kisses are soo sweet <3 Corbin is adorable!

  5. I agree - that last picture is awesome. That look - ha!

    Love the Valentine he made - so precious!


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