Saturday, March 12, 2011

our week in iphone pictures! {twelve}

looking cute after brunch in seattle for jaden's birthday.
a new snack was a success! (shredded carrots, raisins, sea salt, and lemon juice!) 
crazy breakfast eater!
who is this big ole kid?!
comb over hairdo!
bonus rat tail!
flying his airplane!
 taking a ride on his dump truck!
catching up on parenthood while folding laundry.
booyah! pick quick drive-in opened tuesday in auburn!!
woke corbin cup from a car nap only to get inside the library and find out story time was cancelled.
so instead he read tractor books to some cute little girl he met! charming he is.
me playing inside corbins tent!
he always drags me in there only to leave and play with something else seconds later!
aerial view: watching roary the racing car!
reading books!
chubby bunny eating lunch at starbucks.
waving hi to everyone that walks by!
corbin's favorite: john deere!
laminated these bad boys so corbin can start learning his shapes!


  1. he is such a sweetie! and getting so so big. i love what a little busy body he is. and i wanna get parker a tent, mostly so i can play in it :)

  2. aw, i love that little corbinator.

  3. Your weeks always look like so much fun!! We tried library story time for the first time this was a disaster!!! Oh well :) I love the rat tail in the tub, and the shredded carrot snack (I'm stealing that idea, for sure!)

  4. LOL love the pic of him lounging in his diaper. And the library flirting is hilarious!

  5. His bonus rat tail made me laugh out loud. And I LOVE the shot of him asleep in the car!

  6. Dude. Whhhyyyyy is his hair so freaking cuttteeeee?????

  7. i heart corbin, but seriously? he can stop getting big any minute now. i love how he was waving at all the starbucks patrons...did he get free cake pops all day as pay?? i also love him riding on his dump truck. the bonus rat tail, though, is definitely the high point in this week's iphone pics. because, CHE-LLO!, rat tails are amazing.

  8. good week! his snack sounds/looks so good. AND where do you catch up on parenthood episodes? i'm almost done with season 1 and have all of season two to watch but can't wait for the dvd to be released!

  9. I'm loving all of these!
    Just posted some iPhone pictures tonight too. I take a bunch, just never find the time to put them on the blog.


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