Sunday, March 20, 2011

our week in iphone pics! {thirteen}

being silly at dinner
shmooshed face. playing with beans in jars. baking these bad boys. playing trucks with dada.
i love finding little things like this. outside playing. chillin on our new printer. too big pj's.
helping lennox learn where her belly button is. showing stella how to get in the garbage can.
well thats a new way to sit on a rocker. eating triple berry oatmeal. looking outside. amazing clouds.
i love waking up to that face. sleeping. sharing turkey bacon. exploring outside.
friday night bounce house fun and costco shopping!
my little leprechaun. brushing his hair the bbq brush. tantrum about an amazing fort he wanted to destroy. we sent this pic to mimi on bus driver appreciation day!
pretend calling dada and waving. snack on the go. holding onto his glow worm baby.
he loves playing on the spot where the sun shines thru the skylight.
flying airplanes!
happy first birthday pretty little stella!!


  1. He's just so darling! I think I liked the smooshed face picture the best.

  2. Ellie has a gloworm, too and it stays in the car. It's a struggle to get her in the carseat, but then she calms down when I hand her the gloworm!

    And I think that fort was awesome, even if Corbin only like to smash it!

  3. awesome week! and seeing all of the bloggy babies on the tv screen at stella's party? awesome! it's like henry was there for the celebration, haha!

  4. he's such an adorable little man <3

  5. love your blog! im your newest follower :)


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