Saturday, March 26, 2011

our week in iphone pics! {fourteen}

snacks at starbucks before the hockey game! father son bonding at the game!
using woody's legs as a fork. sleepy lunch time eater.
nerd alert! (and also one of my fave pics EVER!) dad brought corbin home his first fortune cookie.
returning a tractor movie to nana's. playing on mimi's porch.
solo grocery shopping trip!! corbin really wanting to go outside! (he can put those on all by himself!)
monkey hugs and peekaboo in his tent!
 corbin's first time hearing wind chimes. standing on a diaper box looking tall!
outside laughing at puppies running around. two seconds later when he had to come inside.
loving him some t-shirt weather! lazy drinker.
butt crack jack. chillin' family style.
caspar babypants at the library! (except corbin just ran around, stopping to dance every few minutes!)
snuck in on him reading books in his tent. nana is funny with felt on her head!
toddlers: from happy to sad in five seconds flat!
using another toy as a fork (whatever makes him eat!) taking driving lessons with dad.
helping dad empty his pockets into his piggy bank! i dropped that ball and HE CAUGHT IT!
"wheeeeeeeere's cooooorbin?" flowers from the husband, just because!
eating a cupcake royale cupcake! playdate with tha' ladies!
saying hi to the quack quacks at the park. doesnt that sky look fake!? gorgeous day to be outside!


  1. That pic in the glasses is so, so cute.

  2. The glasses pic might be the best picture ever. And I love using the toys as a fork.

  3. best ones - windchimes picture and sitting in the library listening to caspar babypants or whatever it's called. awesome!

  4. hahaha, Corbin is such a cutie. I love his blue eyes and hair. The glasses pic is classic. Still the 1st picture, his expression is great. I love looking at them all.

  5. Love the glasses pic! So handsome!

  6. what an amazingly cute week. corbin is so funny... i love that you caught him reading books in his tent. such a sweetie!

  7. You take great pics. Love the one where he is using woodys feet as chopsticks ha.

  8. Corbin in the glasses= AMAZING! Also? The plumbers crack rules! (As the wife of a plumber.) :)


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