Thursday, March 10, 2011

one for the baby books!

{corbin's first bloody nose!}

what is it about boys? always so rowdy and on the go! never stopping for a minute. that fits corbin to a tee. he runs more than he walks. falls off chairs and couches and ride on toys and you name it! he is never without a bruise or bump or scrape somewhere on his body! and sunday marked the day of his first bloody nose! i don't think i would have been so freaked out if i would have known he bonked his nose and not his head like i thought. i was crying and called urgent care thinking his brain could be bleeding or something!! {i didnt REALLY think that but a bonk on the head and a bloody nose following it scared the crap out of me!} i think the scariest part is knowing its not going to be the last one and that im in for a lot worse in the future.


  1. it's like he doesn't even care! little weirdo!

  2. awww! poor little darling!

    Ava is really insanely rough for a little girl...she's always bruised and scraped-knee'd and banged up. Nerve-wracking, isn't it?

  3. Ooh... I was just talking to my husband about when our first trip to the ER would be...

    He looks like he is thinking "and... so what mom."

  4. ACK! I've been so busy, just now catching up on Corbin adventures from the past 2 weeks! OF COURSE he has a bloody nose! Bless him, he doesn't even look like he cares! haha!

  5. Oh, I would have freaked out and called the hospital too! You're not totally crazy.

  6. Oh my goodness, I am glad he's okay!

    And look at those baby blues! So cute!


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