Monday, March 21, 2011

oh no!

today corbin isn't feeling very well. he's got snot for days! im finding it EVERYWHERE and its really gross. i found some on the corner of his mouth earlier! ew!! last night he was up from midnight to two in the morning. crying off and on and not being able to go back to sleep so we are all tired today.

needless to say we've had a lazy, low-key day. im thankful we don't have to be anywhere and that we can just take it easy! corbin has really been into his flashcards these last couple days and he is learning more and more of them every day! its been the perfect thing for us to do today too. his favorites are banana, candies, and teddy bear!

also? THANK YOU to everyone who has contacted me about donating for the lend a hand, help japan fundraiser! im honestly blown away with all the support this is getting! im working on the giveaway post today and it should be up first thing tomorrow morning!!


  1. aw i hope the little guy feels better soon and you all get some rest!

  2. oh no sick corbin! feel better soon :( henry is down for the count today too (circumcision) so we're laying around on the floor watching gabba. like SO MUCH freaking gabba!

    thanks for your blog/twitter comments. made me so happy on a day i really needed something positive! also, i'm seeing your japan fundraiser pop up EVERYWHERE. lovelovelove!

  3. Poor Corbin :( I hope he feels better soon!

  4. Awww...poor Corbin =( My little one has been a sicky boy today too. Hope he feels better soon =)

    P.s. I'm you're newest follower, Corbin is such a doll!

    Stop by my blog if ya want...

  5. Boo, poor snotty little buddy. Feel better soon Corbin! Also, I wish I had something to contribute to your fundraiser. I will be entering your giveaway for sure!

  6. I love these pics. He is so smart and too cute! I can not get enough of seeing pics of that cutie.


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