Monday, March 07, 2011

our week in iphone pictures! {eleven}

obviously nothing too exciting happened. just some at home family time which is always loads of fun!!
corbin woke up at five am(!!!) to play with dad before he left for work i guess. normally i can put him back to sleep no problem after we get up and watch him drive off but today he was ready to go for the day! this was definitely one of those 'good thing he's so cute' moments!
at nine he took an epic three hour nap so we missed our usual tuesday story time at the library. because i had actually got dressed and did my makeup and hair i decided to go check out barnes and noble because our pals jess and wyatt are always there and it looked like fun!
we had a little snack at the starbucks cafe inside then played for almost an hour. they didnt even notice i totally used them and didnt buy anything as i left either!
a playdate with some of our pals at kids quest was cancelled but corbin and i decided to go anyways! he had so much fun exploring that place!
we climbed up into a pirate's tree house and he sailed us off into the sunset.
we splashed in the water and punched pegs into an enormous light bright!
and trucks, of course trucks! corbin hoarded all of those and went and played in another room!
but i have to say that playing in this huge semi truck was by far his favorite. he spent a huge chunk of time driving it and climbing in and out. when corbin was ready to go we grabbed a quick lunch at, you guessed it, panera bread!
then we met dad at his pediatrician's office for his eighteen month shot! this was the major cheese face he had before he knew what was going on. a shot and a few jelly beans later he was fine though and we stopped by our friends jacob and lindsey's house to play for a while on our way home.
surprise, surprise. we played outside!
and we took our car into the dealership to have the oil changed. there is a cute little playroom with blocks and toys and cartoons but corbin would always rather climb thru tires on display, shout at the balloons hanging from the ceiling, and crawl under the trucks for sale!
now THAT is a bubble bath!
we had to run to target! since its in the mall i let corbin play at the kids play land but he was more interested in the arcade!
gorgeous sky on our way home! and instead of throwing his food on the floor (which, dont worry, he still does sometimes) he lets me know he's done eating by simply climbing out of his high chair now!!!
later that night our friends texted and asked if we'd be interested in some late night bounce house fun! (by "late night" i mean six pm!) so we took corbin to wear him out before bed!
we played outside a little before it was time to head to seattle to meet my niece and her friends for some birthday celebrations!


  1. corbin's life is better than mine. :)

  2. The one of him under the car was freaking hilarious.

  3. ha! i love that first one. and the one of him crawling under the car is cute too. what a great week. he is a busy bee. that is great! so fun!

  4. corbin's life is totally better than mine, too! and you are so beautiful. i love corbin's face in some of these pictures....he's a total ham! i love that! and i also am super sad that i can't come play with you and corbin an jess and wyatt. sucks for me.

  5. can you be my mommy? take me to bookstores! lol. seriously great idea; too bad our town doesn't have a book store like that!


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