Sunday, March 20, 2011

lend a hand, help japan!

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a few days ago my niece called me with a story that sat heavy on my heart. a friend she had spent the beginning of the school year with being an exchange student had recently returned back to japan and her and her family and pet dog are now homeless, living in their car after the earthquake and tsunami destroyed their home. her name is miho and she is fifteen. her story breaks my heart.

being the kind and sweet soul she is, my niece, jaden, felt compelled to do something to help her and the rest of the misplaced families in japan. and the families who weren't so lucky and are missing a family member living in that car or shelter or street corner with them.

i immediately thought of my blog and all of the caring, talented, and amazing bloggers in this community! so im putting together a giveaway to help raise money that will be donated to the red cross along with the proceeds from a "sweets for sendai" bake sale jaden and a group of her friends are putting together next weekend!

if you have an etsy shop or would like to contribute to the giveaway in any way please contact me at misseshoneysett at hotmail dot com! and if you dont, dont worry! you can help by entering the giveaway that will be posted later this week!! i can't wait to see what we can do to help!!


  1. I'm SO in! E-mailed you already! :)

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  3. this is so great jill. i can't wait to hear more!

  4. Hi There! I am your most recent follower, thank you to thepapermama! I am so happy to see you are doing a fund-raiser for Japan. Your niece sounds like a sweet sweet soul. I went ahead and blogged a small blog about donating to your great cause. You can find it here! I really hope enough people donate. I will repost it again soon for those who need a reminder....thank you for sharing this story.



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