Tuesday, March 29, 2011

giveaway WINNERS!!

thanks to all of you awesome and generous homies we managed to raise
(okay, its really $202.08 because paypal likes to charge fees and that wouldn't have been as dramatic to type out!)

i keep saying it but im seriously blown away! every time i got an email this past week saying someone donated it felt like my birthday!! i cant wait to combine these donations with the ones jaden is making at her bake sale and donate them all to the american red cross! (ps. the bake sale has been pushed back til the weekend of the april ninth-tenth! we are having a hard time finding a location and then i'll be out of town this weekend! but i will definitely keep you posted on how it goes!! sweets for sendai WILL HAPPEN!)

and now for the winners!!

the winner of the blog button and banner from jess at irocksowhat is:

the winner of headband from ashley's the peanut gallery etsy shop is:

the winner of the grey flower necklace from a mandy at a sorta fairytale is:

the winner of the peace tshirt from katie's etsy shop, passive juice motel is:

the winner of the paper mama's choice of one of three prizes is:

the winner of kaitlin's thirty minute social media consultation is:

the winner of the custom pair of baby booties from allie at its a wonderful life is:

the winner of the velveteen charlotte headband is:

the winner of mandey's fabric knot necklace is:

i just cant tell you enough how thankful i am! and how happy this was so successful!
winners: i will be sure to get your info sent over tonight so you can collect your prizes!!

im also going to leave the button on my sidebar until the bake sale is over in case anyone would like to donate who hasn't already!!


  1. Yay yay yay! A banner and button design was EXACTLY what I wanted to win!!!!

    Thanks, Jill!

  2. Jill! I am so happy that you got such a great response! I am also so glad I won the headband, it is totally what I wanted, seriously!

  3. Yayyy! I'm super excited! I was just so excited to be part of something that made such a big impact from our little blog world! Jill, you're so amazing to head this up, and am so proud to have a friend like you! You are doing such an amazing thing! ;) xoxo


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