Saturday, March 19, 2011

fort disaster!

so yesterday corbin and i were playing with his trucks in the living room when i all of a sudden decided to throw his toy story blanket over us and make a little fort with the ottoman and couch! he was totally into it but it was small and the blanket kept falling down so i was all, "oh watch this corbin! im about to get the mother of the year award for whats coming up next! A HUGE FORT IN YOUR BEDROOM!" so i ran thru the house grabbing all our biggest blankets and sheets then strung them over all his furniture. it even had its very own door! and i brought a big arm load of snacks and thought it was going to be the funnest time ever!
and it was for two seconds. 
but then he just wanted to run and throw himself on the blankets bringing the whole fort to the ground and i was all, "no no honey, lets play inside. see mommy is in here! she has snacks!!"
and he was all, "waaaaah NO NO!"
"i just want out of this thing. its making my bedroom all messy! let me destroy it! waaaaaaah! noooo! nooo!"
yeah but corbin there is a tent INSIDE your tent! how amazing is that?! AND SNACKS!!
but no amount of annie's bunny grahams could stop him from destroying his fort! so i just let him.
maybe we'll try again another day soon. geesh.


  1. aw, poor corbin. not allowed to destroy his fort. i was thinking though, that's such a boy thing to do. to just want to rip everything down. as i'm typing this wyatt actually RIPPED down the curtains in the toy room. go figure.

  2. awe haha poor lil guy. He will think its cool in about a year I bet. He is so cute! LOL

  3. Logan loves Annie's bunny grahams!

    One day they will realize how cool a fort made my mom really is. I mean, duh!

  4. hahah that's hilarious! we've made a fort of blankets, but not a huge one, and Nolan had a blast crawling under it and giggling. :D


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