Friday, March 18, 2011

flashback friday!

2008: the year of vacations!

we started off the year with a family caribbean cruise to celebrate ryan's moms big fiftieth birthday! i had only been out of the country once before (mexico for our honeymoon!) so it was amazing to go see other parts of this world!

{doesn't my sea sick bracelet look adorable with that outfit?!}

in february ryan and his buddy went to lake tahoe to snowboard!
then in march him and the dudes in his family (can't you just tell they are all honeysetts!) went and watched baseball spring training in peoria, az!
and i went on a solo vacation with my sister, niece, and nephew to san francisco in april!
i fell so in love with everything about that city!
{i swear one of those is the full house house!}
in june we headed down to cathlamet, wa (where i grew up) to celebrate my moms birthday with a trip to astoria!
and then in august we went on our yearly vegas trip with another couple!
no big deal. just snugglin' up with penn!
and it's a good thing we got that all out of the way because we found out i was pregnant in december of that year and well, i dont see any big vacations in our immediate future!


  1. Did your seasick bracelet work?? I have the WORST motion sickness in the world and we are going on a cruise in June and I am deathly afraid I'll be sick the entire time.

    I'm definitely bringing some pills, but they make me so drowsy!!

  2. Yes, those are the houses from the Full House opening credits. They didn't film in those houses but those are the front shots of the house.

  3. Love this post! You are soooo cute!

  4. holy awesome! we've never traveled anywhere, except to go to Matt's family's property to camp and stuff. We really need to :( lol

    maybe in 5 years :P


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