Friday, March 25, 2011

flashback friday: oh to be young again!

jess and amy recently posted pictures of themselves when they were little girls and it made me want to dig thru my old photo albums!! when i did i couldn't help but want to share a few of my favorites!
{mommy and me}
{my older sister really liked to play dress up with her dolls me!}
{one year old!}
{me and the sissy}
{easter dress, that by the look on my face, i must have hated!}
{boat trip}
{i've been taking selfies since before they were cool!}
{oh yeah, reaaaaaally tough! look at those puny little arms!}
{on the boat fishing!}
{i wanted to think this was taken during our trip to disneyland but the dollhouse in the background is proving otherwise?!}


  1. oh my god, you really haven't changed much!

  2. adorable! you look exactly the same. i see a LOT of Corbin in these pictures!

  3. corbin looks just like you!
    you are so cute. :)

  4. I can finally say that Corbin looks like Mommy!!


  5. Oh yeah - Corbin DEF looks like mommy. It's in the eyes :)

    So cute. Love the "selfies" comment!

  6. I totally had that dollhouse.
    It was awesome.
    And you are still as cute as a button!

  7. jill, you were and are absolutely adorable. and beautiful, too. i gotta say, i kinda loved the easter dress! i'd wear that now!


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