Monday, March 28, 2011

bathroom inspiration!

did you guys know corbin has his very own bathroom? what a lucky kid huh? i have lived in a few houses in my life but i always remember loving this mickey mouse bathroom my mom surprised me with when we moved into a new house! and lately i have been wanting to put something together for corbin that will make bath time and potty training time and tooth brushing time a little more fun! its very plain right now with a white shower curtain and the green boon potty bench and frog pod so im trying to find fun stuff to match those! is it too much green though? what colors look cute with this shade? just keep with the blue and green? google is not helping me out with inspiration!

oh AND tomorrow is the last day to enter the lend a hand, help japan giveaway! im ecstatic at how much money we have raised so far! thanks again to everyone who had helped make this a huge success!!



  1. Cute bathroom stuff! Love that potty- especially with the little orange pee catcher! Totally going to have to order that for my little Ryker! thanks!

  2. doesn't allow you to search by color? try that.

  3. I LOVE that print haha too cute! I also love green so I dont think you can ever have enough!

    We have that toy holder only a lady bug and it's pretty handy

  4. we have the frog!it's as awesome as you think it is. it's a definite "must have" to me.


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