Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

giveaway WINNERS!!

thanks to all of you awesome and generous homies we managed to raise
(okay, its really $202.08 because paypal likes to charge fees and that wouldn't have been as dramatic to type out!)

i keep saying it but im seriously blown away! every time i got an email this past week saying someone donated it felt like my birthday!! i cant wait to combine these donations with the ones jaden is making at her bake sale and donate them all to the american red cross! (ps. the bake sale has been pushed back til the weekend of the april ninth-tenth! we are having a hard time finding a location and then i'll be out of town this weekend! but i will definitely keep you posted on how it goes!! sweets for sendai WILL HAPPEN!)

and now for the winners!!

the winner of the blog button and banner from jess at irocksowhat is:

the winner of headband from ashley's the peanut gallery etsy shop is:

the winner of the grey flower necklace from a mandy at a sorta fairytale is:

the winner of the peace tshirt from katie's etsy shop, passive juice motel is:

the winner of the paper mama's choice of one of three prizes is:

the winner of kaitlin's thirty minute social media consultation is:

the winner of the custom pair of baby booties from allie at its a wonderful life is:

the winner of the velveteen charlotte headband is:

the winner of mandey's fabric knot necklace is:

i just cant tell you enough how thankful i am! and how happy this was so successful!
winners: i will be sure to get your info sent over tonight so you can collect your prizes!!

im also going to leave the button on my sidebar until the bake sale is over in case anyone would like to donate who hasn't already!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

i'll take a bazillion more of these!!

do you ever have those days where you just look at your kid and they are so EXTRA majorly sweet and adorable and smart and you wonder how in the world you could ever be so lucky to be their mommy?! well today was one of those days. it was perfect really. there wasnt a single tear (except for when he fell face first in a mud puddle and got his first scraped knee!) and i couldnt help but shove my phone in his face every second to try and capture every moment. im scared to count exactly how many pictures i actually took! but here are my faves from the day! 
he woke up cute as can be! i dont know what im going to do when he isn't right there when i wake up every morning! after breakfast he perfected his climbing skills to get even closer to mickey mouse clubhouse!  
grammy (my mom) came over later in the morning and spoiled corbin to the max! new table and chairs! a ton of little batman and spider man and truck toys! a sticker book full of tractor and buzz lightyear stickers! and this awesome buzz lamp for his bedroom!
when she left corbin and i went on our daily (when its not raining) adventure! he loves just running all over the place! and its so fun to just follow him around and tell him about everything he finds.
after that scraped knee from falling in the rocky mud puddle it was time for a nap!
he must have been really worn out! after a two hour nap he came stumbling out of his room and laid on mama for another half hour snooze!
then it was time for lunch! i thought i'd try out the new table and chairs and it went really well only getting up once from eating. and look how big he looks sitting at that thing. on his knees like that. oh man! CUTE!
funny face! blowing kisses!
weird place to play with your bulldozer but whatever. and ooohhh sneaky mcsneakerson already huh!? trying to get at the snacks!!
love love love my sweet boy!!
daddy's home!!!!!! time for the lots of laughs and fun!
after dinner and some family fun hanging out in corbins room it was time for bed! we had the best day! oh, and then there was THIS!
1:35=best dance move ever!

bathroom inspiration!

did you guys know corbin has his very own bathroom? what a lucky kid huh? i have lived in a few houses in my life but i always remember loving this mickey mouse bathroom my mom surprised me with when we moved into a new house! and lately i have been wanting to put something together for corbin that will make bath time and potty training time and tooth brushing time a little more fun! its very plain right now with a white shower curtain and the green boon potty bench and frog pod so im trying to find fun stuff to match those! is it too much green though? what colors look cute with this shade? just keep with the blue and green? google is not helping me out with inspiration!

oh AND tomorrow is the last day to enter the lend a hand, help japan giveaway! im ecstatic at how much money we have raised so far! thanks again to everyone who had helped make this a huge success!!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

our week in iphone pics! {fourteen}

snacks at starbucks before the hockey game! father son bonding at the game!
using woody's legs as a fork. sleepy lunch time eater.
nerd alert! (and also one of my fave pics EVER!) dad brought corbin home his first fortune cookie.
returning a tractor movie to nana's. playing on mimi's porch.
solo grocery shopping trip!! corbin really wanting to go outside! (he can put those on all by himself!)
monkey hugs and peekaboo in his tent!
 corbin's first time hearing wind chimes. standing on a diaper box looking tall!
outside laughing at puppies running around. two seconds later when he had to come inside.
loving him some t-shirt weather! lazy drinker.
butt crack jack. chillin' family style.
caspar babypants at the library! (except corbin just ran around, stopping to dance every few minutes!)
snuck in on him reading books in his tent. nana is funny with felt on her head!
toddlers: from happy to sad in five seconds flat!
using another toy as a fork (whatever makes him eat!) taking driving lessons with dad.
helping dad empty his pockets into his piggy bank! i dropped that ball and HE CAUGHT IT!
"wheeeeeeeere's cooooorbin?" flowers from the husband, just because!
eating a cupcake royale cupcake! playdate with tha' ladies!
saying hi to the quack quacks at the park. doesnt that sky look fake!? gorgeous day to be outside!

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