Tuesday, February 01, 2011

pajama party!!

friday night we hung out in seattle for the childrens film festival to dance the night away with our most favorite kid band, caspar babypants! we stopped at panera bread for some dinner before! corbin decided he was just going to be a big ole' kid and take my plate and fork and feed himself! whatever you want, corbin!
when we got there they were all sold out of tickets but we were able to wait until a few minutes before the show and take the tickets of people who didnt show up! whew!
and we were able to enjoy some free trophy cupcakes while we waited for the movie to start!
i was worried corbin wouldnt sit through the movies but he loved them both! the first was about TRACTORS! his absolute favorite! and the second was this one-tally ho, pancake! soo cute!
then it was time for the main event! pajama party with caspar babypants!
corbin danced and clapped and walked up and down the stairs and had the funnest time!
clap! clap! clap!


  1. looks like such a cute, fun and happy time! how completely lovely! <3

  2. How fun... my little one loves their videos on you-tube... I had no idea they had concerts!

  3. oh that's super cute! i wish i would've known about that to take austin!

  4. It looks like Corbin had a lot of fun! Absolutely adorable as usual!

  5. dang, i'm jealous. i'm so glad that corbin got to do this! so fun.


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