Sunday, February 06, 2011

our week in iphone pictures! {seven}

baby play date with stella, rowan, and lennox! (and of course their mommies!)

then corbin and i had dinner at panera bread and did some shopping afterwards!
was story time at the library. we went to a new one this week and here is where we'll stay. the teacher is the most stereotypical preschool/library teacher on the planet. i wanted so bad to sneak a picture of her. maybe next'll see.
this is the cute face i would get when i was sitting on the couch saying, "i'mmmm gonna tickle youuuu!"
ryan bought corb these cute new pj's today too!
i was super sick. my idea of parenting from the couch and having toy story on repeat didn't quite work out the way i planned. between making meals, changing diapers, getting water cups i left too high up on the counter for corbin to reach, and everything else i was up more than i was laying down. at one point though i cuddled up in corbin's big fuzzy toy story blanket and asked him if it was okay if mommy could borrow it for a while. he turned around and went into his bedroom and brought me every pillow and blanket on his bed. such a sweetheart he is! taking care of his sick mama!
and he finally loves these boots so much he wants to wear them even when he's naked! haha
i was still not feeling good. nothing eventful happened except we went on a little walk around our house and i made corbin some pb&j sushi for lunch! (found here at my twitter pal natalie's blog!) it was a total hit!
while helping me unload the dishwasher later corbin got his devo on and whipped it all over the kitchen.

we had a friday night party baby on our hands. after trying to get corbin to sleep and having him just play in the dark with his toys i decided to just let him out of his room until he was tired again!
we read books and played quietly in the living room with his trucks.
and then finally around eleven he was ready for bed!
i got ANOTHER lay on mom nap!! and its just what i needed before i headed out clothes shopping ALONE! it was wonderful. i sang and danced my heart out in the car and didnt have to worry about making anyone happy while i looked thru every rack of clothes or tried anything on! it was amazing!
 we went to ryans parents house down the road and watched the super bowl! corbin's grandad made him a fun house out of a huge box and corbin thought it was the coolest thing!
and now im going to go snuggle up on the couch with ryan and play mario on the wii!!!


  1. i lurve your photos! i made zoe a house out of a couch box once and it was so fun!

  2. What fun pictures! Sorry you were sick :(
    Ellie is going to try her first library story time this week......hopefully she likes it!

  3. He looks like TWELVE in the one from the library! OMG! Stop it!

  4. YOU KNOW THE DEVO FIRE HYDRANT HATS?! You are officially my new favorite person, without a doubt.

  5. Awww, I'm sorry you were sick, but glad you had a snuggly baby if just for a little bit.

    I'm so glad the PB&J Sushi was a hit! As always, LOVE your pictures. Especially the diaper and rain boots.


  6. ok - him bringing your blankets melted my heart... and love the diaper and boots!

  7. this is probably corbin's cutest week ever. he's doing so many adorable things! i love the whip it picture and the boots and diaper shot. awesome. sometimes i think i just prefer cell phone pics, don't you?

  8. oh man, he is such a sweetie. what a good boy to take care of his sick mama.

  9. Those boots are cracking me up! What a cutie!

  10. i love the pic of him in the boots and diaper...priceless! the whole taking care of you by bringing all his blankies and pillows? quite possibly the cutest thing i've ever heard. EVER! love how you said he whipped it all over the crack me up! so happy we're instagram friends! ;)


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