Saturday, February 19, 2011

our week in iphone pictures! {nine}

im feeling extremely lazy to organize all these and so here is our week in iphone pictures all out of order!
watching pingu. he cracked up every time the penguin honked his beak!

making funny faces like the kids on yo gabba gabba.
lazy mom valentine's day breakfast. at least its heart shaped!?
playing at the mall.
tractors and batman. not much more he needs in life right now then those two!
 best pals!
how corbin entertains himeself while i cook dinner.
reading his new toy story book he got for his half birthday!
laughing at his dad! what's new?
valentine's day snack!
grocery shopping. lucky for me {but not really} both seat belts were broken.
laughing at mom while she pumps gas.
sweeping babe.
half birthday breakfast!


  1. love your matching boots!! happy 18 months corbinator :)

    a good life.

  2. i love that he literally always looks happy. like, always!

  3. I love the rain boots picture. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

  4. I commented on your other blog but then I came here and just had to say, again, what an adorable family you have!!


  5. Happy half birthday! That first pic is awesome!


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