Friday, February 18, 2011

one and a half.

so i was looking around on this blog the other day and came to your birth story post. the pictures of you so fresh and new. remembering the immense feeling of love and would-do-ANYTHING-for-you-ness. watching your dad hold you for the first time and falling madly in love with him all over again. and then my mind started wandering through the last eighteen months.
thinking about how your feet barely stretched over the seat of your high chair. i remember taking pictures of your full body sitting in it because i knew someday your knees would hang over the edge and how someday after that you wont even sit in that high chair anymore. you've already sat in a booster seat once like a total big boy. you eat with a fork and a spoon all on your own! just one less thing your good ole' parents can help you do!
it wasn't until i saw a video of you a few months old the other day that i really remembered how you relied on us for everything. you couldn't move unless we moved you. then i turned my head and watched as you ran through the kitchen pushing your truck and almost couldn't believe how fast time has gone by. now, you dont even need support from your hands to stand up! you walk up and down stairs like a big kid. can nearly get your feet off the ground when you jump. you spin til you are dizzy and love stopping to see the floor spin around and around.
you can really communicate. even if no one else understands what you are saying. dont worry though, i do. you play with your batman and sing, "na na na na na na na na" and i finish up with, "BATMAN!" since you cant quite say it yet. you say, "all abooooooard" when you see or hear "choo choo" trains! you like to make your trucks fall off the edges of things and say, "noooooo" as they fall to the ground and then say, "caaash {crash} uh oh truck". and lets not even talk about you and your love for tractors. i counted that you said it a little over THREE HUNDRED times in one day! your second most used word, that might really be your first most used word {i have yet to count that one} is "mama". you say mama always. when you want something. when you need something. when you want me to look at something. when you want me to play with you. all. day. long. you say it so much that when dad gets home from work you call him mama too! you know the sound so many animals make! it blows my mind that you are already saying three or four words at a time too! and have been for around three months! our pediatrician told me thats considered advanced for a two year old. you associate the starbucks logo with a grande ice water i always get to share with you so at the drive thru yesterday you said, "where's the wa wa mama?" as we pulled in. hi mama. bye dada. hippo. purple. taco. where's the tractor? muno. bubbles. cracker. poo poo. boooooots. cheeeeeeeeze.
you like to pretend to talk on the phone. buzz and woody. lip syncing. jelly beans. being outside. books. your boots. watching tractor videos on youtube. story time at the library. super heroes. and dirt.
okay, i know i say this every single month-day post but this is really the funnest time. you are totally fun. every single day. you are so giggly lately. i can just say, "you are funny" and you will start laughing. i LOVE that i can finally make you laugh all on my own during the day when funny man dad isnt home too! you laugh at the tv. you laugh at yourself. you are so much fun!

i love you to pieces! happy one and half birthday little buddy.


  1. This was the sweetest post ever. It really is crazy how time flies by, isn't it? Happy 1 and a half birthday, Corbin!

  2. this is so sweet! aw, i feel like i know him. i love that little corbie.

  3. I seriously can not get enough of the girls, and I have two curly headed guys. What do you do to manage it? I find myself using detangling spray and only coming it while they're in the tub just to get the rolled up knots out in the back. It's a pain in the butt I wish I could just never comb it lol.

    Happy half birthday Corbin!

  4. I love 1/2 birthdays... Happy Day Corbin

  5. happy 18 months, Corbin (and mama)!!

    I can't believe how fast time's passing!

  6. wow 18 months! That is awesome. Your such a sweet mama! He is sooooo adorable!!

  7. AWww... happy 1.5! Wow. That last photo is great!


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