Friday, February 18, 2011

one and a half: the celebration!!

time to wake up half birthday boy! i have a fun day planned for you!
first up, a yummy breakfast! your favorite morning star sausage, blueberries, strawberries, and bananas!
then we're headed to the mall to play! these pictures are fuzzy but i was excited that you climbed up the slide and slid down on your belly all on your own like you always see your buddy jacob do! your time at the play land was short lived and you were off exploring the mall. we hung out in the toys r us express store for a while then you found the rides! sorry i didnt have any change on me to make them move but you still had fun climbing in and out of them all!
after a not long enough nap on the way home you were a little bit cranky. but it was nothing a big ole' strawberry and some cartoons couldn't cure!
 after lunch {homemade pizza and smoothies!} we went and hung outside! we took your big red ball with us all the way to the bridge and looked at the creek and quacked like the ducks.
and OF COURSE went and looked at nana's tractor. she wasn't home to give you a ride but you still climbed up on it anyways and pretended to drive!
then dad came home and we hung out until our taco dinner! afterwards it was time for a yummy organic brownie birthday dessert and we sang, "happy half birthday to you!". dad ended up blowing out your candle.
and then you devoured your tasty treat!
and practiced your blowing skills for your second birthday party!
what a very fun day little guy! thanks for being our whole world. happy happy happy half birthday to YOU!


  1. you are seriously such a good mom!

  2. amazing!
    What a great day!!
    LOVE the pic of him wearing his touqe!

  3. what a fun day! hey corbin, send some sausage and brownies our way!


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