Saturday, February 12, 2011

my week in iphone pictures! {eight}

we laid low. cleaned house. read books.
played with blocks. watched toy story. the usual.
was storytime at the library! every time we first go in and the class starts singing corbin looks at me and says, "all done" but by the time they start bringing out the blocks to play with and the bubble machine he doesn't want to leave! go figure.
just hangin with muh pal george reading the story of my life, i love trucks.
 then we celebrated my birthday with my mom at panera bread for lunch! afterwards we went and hung out with my sister and niece!
 i caught these pretty, puffy, white clouds on the way home!
and by the end of the day my living room was a complete disaster!
we went to tot time at the local gymnastics center! buuut i didnt take any pictures with my cell phone because i had the fancy camera with me! {blog post on that coming soon...} instead i took pictures of corbin destroying my book shelf while i got ready. whatever works.
 and a cutie pie bath tub shot that evening!!
was muh birthday!! ryan took the day off work and we headed to seattle to the portage bay cafe for breakfast!

corbin pretty much just ate fresh fruit and whip cream off my pancakes.
then we just hung our around pike place market. it was a totally gorgeous day!
at my birthday dinner last night i scored this amazingly wonderful freaking awesome and totally unexpected gift! i think i still might not believe its actually ALL MINE!!! well, except when corbin is using it. ;)
how hilarious is this. i mean, the bonnet bib and his ears sticking out. his one wonky eye! the look on his face like hurry up and take the picture lady so i can take this thing off my head! sooo funny!
 and corbin carries this picture of him and his dada around a lot. its so sweet. he just points at it and says "dada" over and over!
let the freaking stress begin! we're in the process of possibly getting our house back! while its extremely exciting, its also equal parts stressful and expensive! in the long run i know it will all be worth it but woah. anyways, we went there to check it out today. it was just as perfect as i remember inside and everything has really held up well over the last two-ish years but ryan has a lot of yard work to do...haha!


  1. Hahahaha!! The bonnet bib?! Hilarious!

  2. Awww, I always love these posts! Such great pics, especially the bathtub one - too cute!

    I am so jealous of your birthday breakfast! Yum!!!

  3. i really am so happy for you about getting your house back! it's pretty much amazing!

  4. My heart just fell out at the picture of Corbin carrying around a picture of daddy while he's gone. Cutest toddler trick EVER.

  5. hooray for your house... those shutters are the cutest!

  6. hahaha! that's super adorable! all of it, the rain boots while he helps you wash dishes, the holding of the picture frame...awwh!!!

    happy birthday!

  7. happy late b-day friend!! congrats on the amazing present. sounds like a perfect day :)

  8. Happy Very Late bday!!! Sorry. OMG Congrats on the house getting back situation. Thats really good!!


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