Sunday, February 13, 2011

big boy stair climbing!

either my baby thinks he's a big ole' kid these days. or i really do have a big kid and i'm just in denial. corbin has always preferred to walk up and down the stairs like this but he's always needed someone to hold his hand to do it without injury. except we were at mimi and grandads on super bowl sunday and he decided he was big enough to just go ahead and do it himself!

{i had to throw his buzz lightyear bowling set up and then down the stairs to get him to go because he had already been doing this for a while before i ran in the living room to get ryan's phone so i could record it!}


  1. holy cow... I was expecting a slide down on the bottom - not big boy walking!

  2. oh my gosh jill. he seriously looks so grown. he moves so well! wyatt is still very clumsy and baby-ish when he walks around.

  3. I agree with Jess! He looks like a freaking grown kid! Go Corbs!

  4. awwh!!! so adorable! he does move very well!

    yesterday, Nolan climbed the stairs holding my hand and the a legit person lmao. I has a big boy and conflicted emotions about it haha!


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