Sunday, February 27, 2011

our week in iphone pictures! {ten}

helping clean and watching dad mow the lawn.
new monster bandana bib i sewed with my new sewing machine! and playing outside.
sharing and riding on mommy's shoulders!
trip to the park but we didnt stay long because it was FREEZING!
playing outside in the SNOW! with mom and being cuuuuuute!
he kept sticking his tongue out after he tried snow! and uh, yeah. poor guy fell in a freezing puddle!
 its tough work playing with tractors all day and a fun and gorgeous park!
driving the car and hangin in the tub with brobee!
corbin pretty much just eats standing on a chair at the counter nowadays and flyiiiiiiiiing!
 corbin picked out his outfit today and insisted on going outside and playing in his laundry basket!
oh what a pretty little daughter i have! haha and corbin's new tent and tunnel toy which he LOVES!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like...oh, wait. its february!

so i woke up to some random snow on the ground this morning and ryan snuggled in bed with me because he didn't have to go to work! thats really the only thing i hate about snow is being stuck and not being able to go anywhere or worrying about him having to drive his long commute to work. so with no worries we ate breakfast and headed outside to play!

after a face plant in an icy puddle {dont worry i caught it on camera and will post it in my weekly iphone pics this weekend!} and a change into a pair of dry gloves, corbin headed to his first stop: nana's house for a tractor ride! his first stop is ALWAYS nana's house. cuddled up in a blanket they drove their usual route thru the snow!
 then we all just wandered around forever leaving our boot tracks all over the perfect blankets of snow
 until corbin's cheeks and nose were all red and cold!
  when it was time to head inside to warm up i peeled a layer of clothes off and thought i'd let him have a little soy milk hot chocolate treat...
 but after a few sips he decided he didn't even like it and asked for water instead!
im glad we got to go out and enjoy the snow today but am waaaaaay more glad its not sticking around!

Monday, February 21, 2011

bloggers for babies.

corbin and i are so excited to be a part of team 'wa bloggers for babies' this year! i remember mandy's post about walking last year and im really happy she's asked local bloggers to participate and to help raise money for the march of dimes. it took me no time at all to sign corbin and i up for the walk in april!

although our awesome team has already beat our goal of raising one thousand dollars(!!!), so far i have a little less than half the money i set out to raise and would love and appreciate if you would like to help me meet my goal! {just click the link below} and i really encourage you to find a local team and participate yourself! if you are in the seattle area, JOIN OUR TEAM! i feel like walking six miles with blog friends and my healthy toddler is the least i can do to help raise money for healthy, full term babies!

if you are interested in being a part of our team, mandy has put together a great post on how to join here!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

our week in iphone pictures! {nine}

im feeling extremely lazy to organize all these and so here is our week in iphone pictures all out of order!
watching pingu. he cracked up every time the penguin honked his beak!

making funny faces like the kids on yo gabba gabba.
lazy mom valentine's day breakfast. at least its heart shaped!?
playing at the mall.
tractors and batman. not much more he needs in life right now then those two!
 best pals!
how corbin entertains himeself while i cook dinner.
reading his new toy story book he got for his half birthday!
laughing at his dad! what's new?
valentine's day snack!
grocery shopping. lucky for me {but not really} both seat belts were broken.
laughing at mom while she pumps gas.
sweeping babe.
half birthday breakfast!
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