Tuesday, January 18, 2011

sixteen AND seventeen months old.

today the little buddy is seventeen months old. i totally skipped out on his sixteen month post so this will be a little bit of whats been going on for the past two months. i must say this for every month update but this age is really fun!

corbin can talk and communicate to us. he knows what he wants and likes and when he's uncomfortable in a situation and sometimes it might take us a couple tries to get there but eventually we get it and all is well.

we can play games together like run/chase/hide/peek-a-boo/hands in the air/yelling (there really is no better name for it!) and i spend at least ten minutes a day on the kitchen floor rolling his trucks back and forth with him.
when we read books he reads to me. pointing to his favorite things, turning the pages, and babbling his version of the story.

when dad says, "want me yo tickle you?" corbin lays on the ground and gets gitty waiting for the tickle monster to start making him laugh!
he can open the fridge, climb up drawers, on to the couch, and climb up on the kitchen table table. and he loves doing all of them. today i actually found him at the kitchen counter standing on the top of a flipped over laundry basket. proud as could be as i turned the corner after there were just too many seconds of silence.

his newest thing is to go into another room and then just shout, "mama" or "dada" until one of us go in there and see what he wants or plays with him. most of the time he just wants one of us in his room, sitting on his bed, playing with him! its pretty cute unless you are rushing to get out the door by a certain time!
his favorite word is no. or no no. or nooooooooo. its cute until we're in costco and he's yelling it while kicking his legs trying to squirm away when im trying to get him into the shopping cart! :) whats hilarious about this is that i made a HUGE effort to not use the word no around him. i had this fear of a two year old screaming NO at me while out in public and running off so i would use words like, "please dont climb on that chair. its dangerous" or, "thats hot, we dont touch it". but guess what? they learn it anyways. so yeah. i like that he knows the meaning though so that when there is something he doesnt want he can tell me. or when there is somewhere he doesnt want to be.

he just knows stuff. its crazy how much he comprehends. words. signs. he can bust out the same dance moves as the wiggles or yo gabba gabba. the other day someone fell down on a cartoon and said, "uh oh". when i tell him his food is hot he will blow on it! he copies everything we do and i seriously love watching his little brain grow!
he has started saying, "poo poo" sometimes when he is going!! i cant wait to be on our way to potty training. ive always hated diaper changes.

corbin's favorite things are: playing peek a boo/chase with his dad. corbin will chase him with his arms up in the air making a rooooaaaar noise! shrek, oranges, choo choo trains, anything toy story, trucks and tractors of course, airplanes, helping me do chores, playing in the fridge, riding his bike, and climbing up on the kitchen chairs!
he's silly and fun and snuggly and sweet and smart and cute as could be. he tests my patience every single day but we are getting to know how to work with eachother so that our day to day runs smoothly. this toddlerhood is a whole nother adventure for the both of us! i couldnt be more proud of how great of a little guy he is though! and it blows my mind to know that next month he will be one and a half!


  1. He is so cute! I love the one where he is behind the tractor. One of my least favorite things is the shopping cart Nooo! It's like we are torturing them or something.

  2. i can't believe how much time has flown by. that first picture is insanely good dude.

  3. Jill, that first picture is absolutely beautiful.

  4. so grown up! and still getting cuter and cuter, seriously!


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