Friday, January 07, 2011

pay it forward.

i love love love this pay it forward idea from ambrosia clark!

i will send the first three people who comment on this blog post something handmade by yours truly but you then must post this on your blog offering the same thing to three other people!

im excited to be getting something from my pal mandy and i cant wait to see who my first three commenters are! i have no idea what im going to send yet but i did just get a sewing machine for christmas and am really excited to start making pretty things!

ready, go!


  1. Hey Jill. I love your blog (which you already know!) and can't wait to recieve something homemade. Also, I'm definitely going to post this on my blog tonight and pay it forward to someone else. I love having a plan for projects! Hope you guys are well!

  2. Am I allowed to comment? Okay, fine. You don't have to count this one. He he. I have an idea about what I'm going to make... but I'm kind of nervous. So... don't judge me. :)

  3. Yay! I just did this yesterday, as well, but have yet to find a blog to comment on in time!

  4. I would love to do this! How fun.

  5. i can not even tell you how scared i was that i wasnt going to even get three comments! ahaha! thanks annie, stephanie, and nessa! i cant wait to make you something fancy! :) i will keep in contact and get something out to you in the next few weeks probably!

  6. I think this is the coolest idea ever, but I am not creative or crafty, so I'm just enjoying watching everyone else have fun and waiting to see what ya'll end up making/getting!


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