Sunday, January 16, 2011

our week in iphone pictures! {four}

ryan and i left corbin with mimi and nana for the first time to go on a romantic date get a new couch! later that evening ryan was tickling corbins toes and he kept putting his foot up to ryan for more! they are the sweetest!
i set up corbin's train set. i see now why it says "for children three and older" on the box!
we went out to eat at red robin for cousin spencer's birthday dinner. corbin sure kept an eye on that bird wandering around the restaurant!
just drinkin muh milk in muh car.
after our playdate with stella and melissa corbin went to town on the leftover treats!
our weekly baby gym class! corbin climbed in and out of the donut all by himself for the first time AND hung on the bars for the first time!
 that afternoon we went on our daily walk! i wanted corbin to look so i dangled my keys and he got a little excited!
corbin was dressed in his seahawks gear for blue friday! we went to jaden's school assembly in the morning, hung out at grammy's for a while, then went grocery shopping and corbin drove around in the race car shopping cart for the first time! he loved it!
and i finally wore my new brown boots for the first time!
doing the dishes is actually so much easier when he's up here as opposed to climbing up into the top dishwasher rack! and he seems to like it too!
yo gabs hanging out in corbin's firetruck!
 and the most handsome little boy delivered pizza to us for lunch!


  1. What exactly IS a "romantic date" anyway? Cuz' I've completely forgotten!

  2. looks like an awesome week to me:)

  3. oh man, too many cute ones to name. but corbin lifting his little foot in all seriousness for ryan to tickle? hilarious. keeping his eye on the red robin bird? totally made me laugh. he is hilarious!!

  4. awesome week! hey corbin, bring us a pizza!!!


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