Sunday, January 23, 2011

our week in iphone pictures! {five}

was a lazy day. {they usually are}
full of wild curls!
we celebrated my sisters "twenty ninth" birthday! i brought the good camera with us to dinner but i snapped these cutie pie pics with my phone earlier that morning. he sure loves on his stuffed animals a lot lately!
and here he just couldn't believe what was happening on the real housewives of beverly hills.
we celebrated mimi's birthday! when dad got home before dinner though we went on an outside adventure and brought the bike along!
baby gym! so sad this was the second to last class! but we have lots of other fun ideas and places to go check out to make up for it!
bubble time!
this is seriously one of corbin's favorite things to do lately.
he'll just push the chair over to the sink by himself and climb up now.
corbin was cute. thats about it.
i love how his little lips look when he concentrates.
things got real wild when we decided to go grocery shopping! i wore my glasses in public for the first time too! {oh hi, big pile of dirty towels in the background. real classy!} 
that evening corbin was equal parts sweet
 and sour. he turned into the incredible hulk for a moment and busted a hanger in half wearing only one shoe and no pants! pretty impressive if you ask me.
my niece jaden came over and she baked us banana nut muffins and we watched sixteen candles {she'd never seen it. its my favorite movie ever!} then we went to ryan's grammys house for dinner and football! corbin loves playing with his cousins! when we got home we snuggled on the couch and watched toy story three! ::sob::


  1. Love all the pictures! My favorite is him in his diaper and one shoe. haha
    We have that dog and when it says Kingston's name it freaks us out every time!!

    p.s you look super cute in glasses

  2. Jill! These are the cutest! I love the Hulk pic, and also, how totally pretty are you in your glasses?

  3. I love that one of him with no pants & one shoe! Hilarious!

    Collin & I love RHOBH, too!

  4. corbin's week is like a million times better than mine. how did he get to be such a cool dude?

  5. These pics inspired so many comments from me!

    First, love the "there's a new sheriff in town shirt".

    Second, his face in the picture with the RHOBH caption cracked me up. Great caption!

    Love the glasses!!!

  6. I'm so happy I found your blog. Your little guy is GORGEOUS! Yay for a great week :)

  7. His shocked face over the housewives is too cute!
    16 candles is a favorite of mine, also.
    & Adrienne has the violet puppy, she's absolutely adores it. She gives it kisses non-stop. lol
    Looks like an awesome week!

  8. i love your glasses! and that picture of corbin watching real housewives is HILARIOUS.


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