Saturday, January 01, 2011

happy new year!

we spent the new year at our cabin in eastern washington this year with some family. corbin got to play with his cousins and loves getting tons of attention from everyone! not to mention all the cool, never before seen, new to him toys!!!
 before the kids went to bed we celebrated the new year in new york time with horns and party poppers and sparkling cider!
 corbin wasn't havin' it!
 but soon he was fast asleep and  ryan and i got to celebrate the real new year with eachother and the other adults there!
 happy new year!!!
smooch, smooch!
{i couldnt resist. we havent taken a kissing picture since our wedding four years ago!}
 after corbins nap the next day we headed outside to play in the snow and take corbin sledding!
except he hated being bundled up, wouldn't wear his boots, and during corbins nap the rest of the family left with the sleds soooo yeah. that didnt happen. but corbin thought it was funny when ryan would start the snowmobile so thats what we did for about five minutes and then we just went inside!
on our way home later that day we stopped by this spot where someone feeds the elk right in his back yard! its so amazing to stop and see everytime we visit! i was fortunate to catch these two elk fighting over some grub even!

i hope everyone had a great new years however you celebrated! can you believe its 2011?!?!

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