Friday, January 28, 2011

flashback friday!

the evolution of corbin's hair!

 i remember that last ultrasound i had right before they decided to induce me. they had to check my fluid levels and his growth. the technician mentioned to us, "oh this baby has so much hair!" and ryan and i both looked at each other crazy! so much hair? i had always envisioned our children having my dark hair and ryan's blue eyes. but how much hair? i'd never even thought of that! so out he came the next day. head FULL of hair! dark as can be. and CURLY too!! we should have known. ryan's family are all curly haired dudes! remember this post and ryan's dads wild white guy afro?
 but a few months passed. his dark little curls kept falling out and he was a bald guy in no time!. i remembered being worried those curls would never come back.
 but a few more months passed and in they grew again! a little lighter and even curlier than before!
 and here we are today. well last night really, after his bath. if you stretch those curls out they are incredibly long. he gets dreadlocks in the back if i dont brush his hair at least once a day. they stick straight out. ryan wants him to get a haircut. i cant even imagine it.  
what to do? what to do?


  1. it is pretty cute that he has such curly hair!

  2. I just love his hair. And this little walk down memory lane is adorable. And they can really see HAIR in an ultrasound?? crazy!

  3. I love his hair so much! And I know how you feel about cutting hair! Everyone wants me to cut Harper's hair because, well, it's just crazy. But it won't always be like this and I tear up just thinking about cutting it!

  4. oh my gosh!!! i feel like i haven't seen a newborn pic of corbin since i first found your blog and cruised the archives!! so adorableeeeeeeeeee

  5. I love his hair! My girl is 2 and FINALLY getting some growth, she was bald forever. You couldn't pay me to cut those curls.

  6. Corbin's hair is awesome! When I was pregnant with Lex I hoped and wished that he would have really curly hair... when he was born and they dried him off his hair stuck straight up like a porcupine lol. Now I'm happy he has straight hair because he HATES combing it.

  7. i've been jealous of those gorgeous baby locks since the day i met him! don't cut it! but if you do, send some to henry so i can paste them on his bald little head...maybe it would encourage his hairs to actually start growing!

  8. totally cute! my son's get dreads when i do not brush their hair everyday, as well.

    hence the huge dreadlocks. (:


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