Thursday, January 06, 2011

flashback friday!

funny faces edition!

i've noticed some other mama bloggers out there posting pictures of them making some funny faces and it brought memories back of some of the funniest faced pics i know of.

oh and then there was this gem i tweeted a couple days ago while bored waiting for corbin to wake up so we could go get our lunch date on at round table pizza!
a few years ago my niece won miss washington jr. preteen in a pageant and was whisked away to sunny california to compete in the nationals competition. ryan and i wanted to be there to support her so we made it into a vacation! the competition was over thanksgiving so we ate our turkey dinner at medival times {oh to be skinny and tan again!}
spent a day at disneyland and california adventure
and of course cheered on jaden in her pageant!
oh and then there were these! only the best funny faced pictures of my hilarious family ever!
i think at one point my mom even had these displayed in frames on her wall! i like making her proud!
i think demarcus wins for funniest face! these always crack me up so much! my mom and sister eventually did them too but i cant find theirs anywhere. and ryan was too cool to do one!
and no blog post would be complete without some of corbins funny faces! i cant wait to make him do that same funny face as us when he's old enough.
i love that i've been able to capture some of these on camera!
probably my favorite one ever!
there are no words for this one!


  1. Bahaha! I was just getting ready to go to bed when I saw just made my night :)

  2. Your first photo of the scrunch face, HILARIOUS! But nothing tops Corbin's funny faces! He's brilliant! Purely Brilliant!

  3. hahahahaha omg i love this so much! that was halarious. PERFECT flashback friday jilly :) too bad its thursday....

  4. Look at those eyes! So gorgeous!!

    You know, I live 20 mins from Medieval Times, and I've never been! My husband wants to go for his birthday. Hahaha.

    Fun post! :)

  5. Ahahahaha, that 2nd to last one. So good.

  6. I love all your funny face photos!

  7. haha!! these pictures just made my day!! so funny!! 2nd to the last is precious!!!
    love your blog! hope to talk to you soon! :)

  8. SO funny! All of these made me laugh, you guys are awesome!

  9. These are SO hilarious. Oh to be skinny again... I am so with you.


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