Wednesday, January 26, 2011

books and dirt!

this morning we headed out to 'bouncing babies story time' at our local library! the teacher was old and adorable and mixed songs up and we both had a fun time! corbin wandered all over the room as expected while i sat by myself doing the motions to the songs.

after a few stories and a million songs they brought out some toys to play with. corbin's eyes went straight for the one and only dump truck the teacher poured out but an older kid picked it up first! corbin managed to get the kid to finally hand it over to him and he ran to the windowsill where no other kids were and played with it for pretty much the rest of the time! silly kid.
{neener, neener kid! i got the dump truck!}

and how come i never even thought about how impossible it would be to actually go into the library afterwards and pick out some fun books to bring home for a few weeks with a toddler who just wanted to run all over! i finally was able to scoop him up on my hip for a few seconds and happened to stop in the transportation section where i quickly grabbed every book i could find with tractors, airplanes, firetrucks, and trains in them!
{dont be fooled, this only lasted the split second it took for me to take the pic. then he was off!}

i picked story time at this certain library because of the cool park right behind it. we took corbin there on his first birthday to let him eat his very first cupcake after dinner and i kind of forgot how much geared towards older kids it was. corbin was content freaking out with excitement at how close the squirrels scurried up to him wanting a bite of his elmo crackers and wandering around in the big open fields!
{you there mom? okay, lets go!}

after a car nap on the way home {and a starbucks latte and oatmeal that i treated myself to!} we ate some lunch and headed to great grandma nanas for a tractor ride and to play in her HUGE yard! corbin has never really been in that part of her yard so he had a really fun time exploring, picking up sticks, and eating playing with dirt from the mole hills! 
at dinner i snapped this cute pic {todays pics are pretty much all brought to you by my lousy iphone} of him saying, "cheeeeeese" for me when i asked him to! such a cutie pie!


  1. I love my iPhone as an alternative when I forget or can't bring my camera! Instagram is my fave! Corbs is such a cutie!

  2. I love the picture of him looking back at you, it's adorable. My little one does NOT care if I'm behind him or not he keeps running like there's no tomorrow.

  3. i feel like corbin and i would be good friends. :)

  4. loving his stick - it is twice his size!


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