Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the weekend recap.

friday corbin and i ran a bunch of errands and met ryan after work at the grocery store. two hundred dollars {and one free half eaten apple} later we had a fridge and freezer full of food...
only to lose power that night from a lame wind storm for the next eighteen hours! and our saturday plan of leaving corbin {for the first time! he's sixteen months old people!} with ryan's parents and grandma while we went on a breakfast/christmas shopping date were cancelled since we all were without power! so the three of us went shopping all day. and boy did ryan spoil the heck out of his little boy! i cant wait for corbin to open all his presents!!!

after we were done shopping we headed to ryan's grandpa's christmas party! luckily he had a generator so we could all still get together since he was out of power too! {a pole fell on a woman's house a block away causing a fire and brought FOURTEEN more poles down with it! eek!} but it was nice to all sit and talk in one candle lit room rather than being spread out all over the house like we usually are.
aunt laura gave corbin his first sucker!
and corbin scored this sweet adams runner bike! {a friend of mine said this helped her son learn to ride a bike on his own when he was THREE YEARS OLD!!}
on sunday grandpa don {my step dad!} came to visit and bring corbin his christmas presents! the guys watched the seahawks game and corbin and i got in their way! ahaha
he's like LOOK there is a toy in here!!!
later that night corbin and i went across the street to great grandma nana's house to see her christmas tree and the train track she has around it. corbin LOVES watching the choo choo drive around and around while he plays with his wooden train.
and we finished the weekend off like we finish most nights around here. family time on the living room floor. here corbin is getting tickled by his dad! and ryan and i even got to stay up late because he has the whole week off work!


  1. what is that bike? i must know more about this ;)

    um, and i looove him and his cute face!

  2. He look so handsome in that sweater!


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