Tuesday, December 07, 2010

the weekend recap.

what a fun and busy weekend we had! friday we started things off with a playdate with some of my favorite bloggers and their adorable babes!
rowan, bennett, corbin, parker somewhere in there, and ellie!
 after a nap in the car on the drive to bellevue to meet up with ryan when he got off work, we hit up my most favorite christmas event-snowflake lane! last year we thought corbin loved it because he didnt freak out when the drummer boys were marching past, but this year we knew he loved it from the smiles he gave rudolph and all the dancing he did!
saturday was the HUGE holiday parade in auburn that lasted all of fifteen minutes! it was freezing but fun and corbin got to hang with his pal jacob for a while!
afterwards it was time for the apple cup where half our family are cougar fans and half are husky fans! luckily our team was victorious! duh!
sunday was uneventful. i was sick. we were lazy. the end.


  1. looks like a fun weekend. Yay for the huskies winning!

  2. FUN!! Saw that football pic on FB and it cracked me up!

  3. yay! glad we were part of your awesome weekend. minus the sick part. boo... get better soon!

  4. I'm jealous you all have these blogger playdates! Boo to being far from you all! I would love to join in with Ava!!

    Looks like a fun weekend :) Hope you're feeling better!

  5. Looks like you had an eventful weekend, aside from being sick!
    I'm am so jelly of you're blogger playdates:)
    I sure wish there were more mommy friends for Adrienne and I to socialize with!

  6. I've gotta say, I'm totally jealous of your awesome blogger playdates, too! I'd do anything to be able to hang with my favorite bloggy people and their kidlets, any old time. And you ladies are all AMAZING and wonderful bloggers, so it'd be such a treat. I used to live in Spokane (or Spo-compton as it's so affectionately referred to), and we're in the process of moving back to the pacific northwest (Portland). And I was a Coug for a little while, too! So your weekend recap made me long for a little WA vacation. LOVE your blog so, and Corbin is the sweetest child I've ever seen.

  7. Love Corbin's expression in the last one!


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