Monday, December 20, 2010

santa photo semi-fail!

a forty five minute drive.
an hour long wait in line.
and thirty two dollars later.
i wouldn't say its a total fail. i mean, there are no tears streaming down his cheek yet. and he's looking at the camera! or maybe he's looking at his parents, who were standing right next to the photographer, wondering how we could have just left him there!

poor corbin was so excited to see santa whenever we got a view of him in line. he kept saying santa. and even when we were next in line he had THE BIGGEST SMILE on his face. but when i took him up to get acquainted with the jolly old guy, corbin buried his head in my shoulder and kept saying, "nah, nah".

but here's proof of his happiness before. waiting in line looking in a silly mirror!
and i tried capturing the HUGE smile on corbins face as we waited to be the next to sit on santas lap and ended up with this. ahahaha!
they even let me take my own pictures as soon as the photographer was done with hers. poor corbin. afterwards santa patted me on the arm and said, "dont worry mom. this will make for a memorable photo."
i guess santa.


  1. ha! why is santa sitting like that?? this picture makes me laugh. and then laugh some more! corbin looks totally terrifed! {and yet, still so cute} totally memorable photo :)

  2. Awww! Bless little Corbin's heart. He looks adorable, even if there were no giggles. That Santa on the other hand, is just down right weird.

  3. agh! you girls are cracking me up. i LOVE the way this santa looks and thats why we drove all that way to the mall he's at! this is not helping my case with ryan who thought i was a crazy lady for wanting to take him there! so thanks for that. NOT!

  4. At least Santa is animated. But where is his hat? His jacket? Are you in a warm climate and they are trying to keep it real?
    I took my oldest to see Santa when she was 2 months old. She just this little lump o' baby in a fat man's arms. It looks weird. But I love that stupid picture. Santa is right. I take my kids every year and will keep spending a ridiculous amount of money for a crappy picture as long as they let me, because I'm going to make a coffee table book one day of all the Santa/Easter Bunny photos just for giggles.
    Because I CAN. :o)
    Sure he looks scared, but TOTALLY CUTE. :o)

  5. Hahahahah. Oh my gosh i'm dying. Santa is soo funny looking. He looks like a crooked old man. Corbin's face is priceless. He will look back on this picture and love it. I need to meet this little guy soo bad!!

  6. that santa makes me laugh too. seriously! what the heck mall was he at? but really, ADORABLE photos. And yay for Corbin not crying! woohoo! can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  7. I beg to differ....that first shot is CLASSIC and I think it should be blown up and then saved for his wedding one day. I love it!

  8. I think Santa looks great, except for his missing hat. I think our Santa standards are different than everyone elses, Jill.

    If it makes you feel any better, Mason is usually Mr. Smiles and never shows any stranger anxiety and he was Mr. Serious and Unsure for his Santa pictures!!

  9. I LOVE the nose picking picture! That's awesome.

    I think the look on Santa's face is the best! So funny. Not a total fail at all. THIS is a total Santa fail:

  10. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THAT SANTA?! that is the most TERRIFYING santa i've ever seeeeeeeeeeen. i feel like i should of saved corbin from that scary santa freak. this is seriously like life altering. i hope this doesn't scar him for life. hahahahhahaa

  11. waaaaaaah! seriously why does everyone hate that santa!?! he's different and cool! i love his outfit and the fact that he's not wearing a santa hat! whatever, at least i have ashley on my side! ;)

  12. Um, that first photo is abso-fucking-lutely perfect, even the Santa (although I was of the school that Santa's ought to sit like ladies, oh well)! I love that they're making almost the same expression!


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