Saturday, December 04, 2010

our week in iphone pictures! {three}

professional eater-with-a-forker!
um, corbin read a book today?! i need to start writing this stuff down because i cant even remember what happened today!
target, baby gym, drop off goodwill donations, and trader joes!
look at this! just like he used to when he was a tiny little newborn baby.
he is the sweetest little boy.
oh, and he loves broccoli!
up at five thirty am!
so we watched our dvr'd episodes of rudolph the red nose reindeer and shrek the halls that were on the night before. later our pals jacob and lindsey came over and we played outside. on our walk to the river corbin reached up and held my hand all on his own. told ya he's SWEET!
was baby gym again. he wanted the balls the whole time we were there. they are hidden behind that curtain!afterwards we headed to great grammy's {ryans grandma} to borrow his sisters christmas tree that she was storing there. on the way home corbin fell asleep so i just stayed in the car and crafted while he napped.
this is a cool shot i took of our backyard from the car while he slept.
and later that night we decorated our tree! corbin saw how we were putting on ornaments and would throw his on the tree! haha
was so much fun! we went and hung out with parker, bennett, ellie, rowan, stella, and their mommies! i feel really lucky to have such a great group of mom friends that live close by! then we met ryan in bellevue when he got off work, walked around the mall, let corbin run around in the play area, and went to my most favorite holiday celebration EVER with melissa and her family! snowflake lane!!!
after a while he was done sitting in the stroller and wanted to push!
and us watching the "snow" fall at snowflake lane!


  1. I love your blog! I found you through Amy. :)

    Corbin is a cute little guy! I hope the veggie eating last longer for you than it did for my little one. She was into them until about 18 months and then decided that veggies were the enemy. I have no idea why. Everyone in my family eats them EVERYDAY! Its a kid thing I guess. Looks like you two had a fun week! Can't wait to read more!

  2. wow, he really is the sweetest little boy :) we're gonna have to go check out snow flake lane. sounds like a blast.
    {ps: we had SO much fun yesterday!!}

  3. I love that you sit in the car and craft while Corbin sleeps :) I do that ALL the time with Ellie in random parking lots! Okay, well I don't craft in the car.....but I surf the internet on my phone in my car while she sleeps!

  4. What a big boy he is eating with his fork!! & love the picture of him on the couch with his arm out just chillin.

    Oh and ya'll aren't allowed to get together when King and I aren't there.... SO NOT FAIRRRR

  5. Okay, i know i said this last week, but i can NOT get over how adorable Corbin is!!!! And how sweet is the pic of him holding your hand.

    The pic from your back yard is super awesome! I love it!


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