Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the great baby gift exchange!

i was so excited to get a message from shawntae a few months ago that she had THE greatest idea for all of us bloggin' mommies! when i found out it was a gift exchange for the all the babes pictured above i couldnt be happier! so shawntae picked the names of who each baby would get while kingston played with his puppy in an adorable little video she put together and corbin got his pal bennett! and corbins other pal parker got corbins name!

to see the goodies corbin bought for bennett click here.

instead of having a present shipped across the country like some of the other moms had to, we were lucky enough to get our gift hand delivered from parker! and the contents were squee-able! when i first found amy's blog she was giving away an alphabet poster that she made and i thought was just the cutest thing! i didnt win, but in the end i kinda did when this bad boy was inside the gift! it fits so cute in with corbins room! we really love it!
 also inside was this adorable robot thermal! corbin and parker have a lot of the same clothes and this was just another piece added to the collection of twinsies outfits they have! (see some cute pics of parker in the same shirt here) and i REALLY shouldnt have procrastinated in taking pictures of him in it until last night because it was a total FAIL!

corbin, do you want to climb up on the rocker and take some pictures? no?
okay, how about you put an ornament on the tree? look at mommy! up, up.
 thats too boring? lets go read a book then. booga booga booga! ::snap, snap:: corbiiiiiiiiin!
 oh, fun! you found your monkey. lets take a picture of you giving your monkey a hug. turn around. oh, cartoons are on, huh? you're going to eat your monkey then?
::gives up::
thank you so so so so much parker for the awesome gifts! corbin told me he feels nice and cozy and comfy in his new shirt and we'll think of you every time he wears it!

check out what all the other present swaps by clicking the links below!


  1. Wow that letter piece is great! I love the onesie you made Bennett! Its adorable! Would you mind sharing with me how you did it (felt pieces?) as I think I would like to try making one for my son. Its so perfect for the season and so cute!

  2. i could just eat him up he is so cute! amy is uber talented in the photoshop dept...i LOVE that print. and the shirt, so cute!

  3. LOVE this idea! And that alphabet poster is absolutely awesome!

    I love that so many of the gifts were homemade - your snowman onesie was BALLER. I would totally buy one :)

  4. How cute is that alphabet frame. I love it!! Corbin cracks me up. I think him and King are going to have a lot in common. Silly Boys.

    Love you guys!!

  5. so cute! its nice to know that Ryan isnt the only crazy boy during pictures. he looks very handsome in his shirt too!

  6. SOOOOOoooo awesome. Amy made the print? I need one.... I love the photo of Corbin biting the monkey!

  7. what perfect gifts! these are all so cute!

  8. Heee, him biting the monkey is just tooooo cute!! Love it!!


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