Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas day!

christmas morning corbin woke up to a stocking full of presents from santa!

and then grammy came over for some christmas breakfast and brought corbin his very own train set!
we headed to great grammy's later that afternoon for some more celebrating!

{no big deal. just wearin' my dolce and gabbana sweater}
we all really had the best day! corbin totally got the hang of ripping open presents to see what was inside! he was totally spoiled! and he always loves hanging out with his family! i hope everyone had a very merry christmas!


  1. i think it's so great that corbin is around all of these kids. that's probably why he's so smart and advanced. he's totally learning from all of them. i bet he loves to be dragged around in that toy. man, i love corbin. i really do wish i could cuddle him.

  2. so cute! glad you guys had a good christmas ;o)

  3. Such big boy toys! Love the Xmas PJ's...glad you guys had a great Xmas!


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