Wednesday, December 01, 2010

holiday card challenge!

i am quite the slacker this year when it comes to sending out christmas cards. and im feeling very scrooge-like about them. the thought of creating, ordering, paying, stuffing, addressing, stamping, and sending them makes me want to not even send any out this year. and its already december second! what a mom fail that would be though, right? right!?
i had these grand thoughts of dressing corbin up as santa. not in the traditional suit but more like when he gets home after his long night out delivering toys and he's just chillen with misses claus in their personal recliners catching up on shows off their dvr. probably rubbing his cookie filled belly. santa hat sitting on his end table. rudolph laying on a rug next to the fireplace. striped socks up to his knees, red pants with suspenders, and a white undershirt. then i was going to prop him up in a santa chair (or a rocker in our living room that i would later edit to look like a santa chair!) and snap away but none of that happened. and none of that is going to happen. not this year anyways.
so i took this picture of corbin while we were out walking the gravel roads outside our house and have been playing with it a lot in photoshop and picnik. he looks so urban. like he should be standing in front of a wall of graffiti waiting his turn to show off his break dancing skillz.
{background image via a google search of  'graffiti wall' that i just spent ten minutes trying to find again and cant}
so then i decided i should just make my own graffiti looking christmas card. and there you have it. completely untraditional but oh so cool. now im off to come up with a real christmas card to send out to our family and friends this year. i just cant not do it, right? right?!
The Paper Mama


  1. I really like it - has that urban feel to it!

  2. I love it, Jill. That should totally be your "real" CHristmas card.

  3. I think it's an awesome card! I love the "yo santa"! Ha. I say just send that photo in an email to all your friends and family! So much cheaper. My printed cards were free this year, but I would have emailed them if they weren't.

  4. i love your card jill. but you were kissing santa claus?

  5. Yes, totally email those babies out! Awesome!

  6. well you're more ahead of the game on this holiday card thing than me... i have no idea what i'm doin for a card, & yes, you have to do one. i love yours!


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