Thursday, December 30, 2010

black and white morning.

every time we head outside to get the mail corbin heads straight for his great grandma nana's house across the road. he's absolutely in love with going for rides with her on her tractor! and this morning was no exception. i usually call ahead if we are planning on asking for a ride but we just knocked on the door and nana is always more than willing to take corbin for a ride! today we even got to watch a HUGE eagle flying around in the trees!
its really so sweet to watch them together. this is their special thing and they are both equally head over heels for eachother! corbin is so content riding along listening to nana sing him songs and talk to him about the puddles they are crashing into and everything they see!


  1. that bottom left photo rocks so hard jill.

  2. Love those pics - what kind of camera/lens do you have? It's amazing!

    It's so nice that you guys have family close by!

  3. These are some really great shots!! :) That is so wonderful to have family so close! Happy New Year!


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