Saturday, November 13, 2010

vintage threads! {part three}

so sad that this will be my last edition of vintage threads! because as you can see in the picture below some of the clothes are already getting small and i've already shown them all off...well except those blue bell bottom pants that he wont fit into til he's like four!! but i cant even tell you how happy i am to have them and to let corbin wear his dad's old clothes!
this jacket is one of my favorites. it makes his eyes stand out so much!
plus its a perfect, lighweight jacket for fall!


  1. he has gorgeous eyes everything he wears should be that colour they're amazing!

  2. That totally looks like a Members Only jacket in the first shot! So love the little robot tee.

  3. so cute! can stella borrow that robot shirt when he is done with it?

  4. love the shirt!! & heidi stole my comment, i was totally gonna say it looked like a members only jacket. love it :)

  5. what cracks me up about these clothes is that we would all have to pay like 20-30 bucks for them off etsy or something.


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