Saturday, November 27, 2010

our week in iphone pictures. {week two}

we were busy running errands. i went to the craft store to work on a little sumthin sumthin for christmas presents this year while the boys went down the road and got gas then came back and played in the car until i was done. then we went to lunch at taco del mar and shopping at home depot for some shelving. corbin LOVES to push the carts! and DOES NOT LOVE wearing santa hats for pictures!
cousin jaden came over so we could make gingerbread cookies and have a wiggly dance party in the living room!
they turned out so chewy and delicious!
and before bed an eggnog mustached corbin watched elf {only the best christmas movie EVER} with his mommy and daddy! (take that comcast on demand for trying to charge us $2.99 to watch this movie when its on tbs like every day now!)
corbin helped with breakfast as usual. except today was different because i woke up frantically yelling to ryan, "you're late for work!!!" and he surprised me with the whole week off!
celery flavored waffles corbin? no thanks. lets find the blueberries instead.
oh, and monday morning was a little less than normal too because we woke up to THIS!!! i was so thankful i didnt have to worry about ryan driving in this crap, especially because his job only consists of driving! and that the three of us were able to all be cozy inside!
we had to rearrange some furniture because corbin was so in awe of the fluffy white stuff! and after breakfast we bundled up and went outside so he could play in it for the first time! which he LOVED!
mmmmm....eggnog and homemade gingerbread cookies for breakfast! and MORE SNOW!!!
 bathtime baby!!!
i know, i know. i thought this week was going to be more exciting too but the snow kept us home every day! so you get pictures of corbin in the tub and sleeping in the sweetest position a baby can sleep in!
and of him laying on the floor watching the wiggles while i clean up!
was thanksgiving!!! this was corbins face watching the macy's thanksgiving day parade.
he loved it!
corbin magically transformed into ace ventura!
and we put some new sheets on his bed that were his dads when he was little!
{heroes in a half shell, TURTLE POWER!}
ps. corbin is obssesed with reading books.
and that was our week!
you should link up your week in cell phone pictures too! even if you only have one! DO IT!


  1. I love Corbin more and more in every picture. And I am SO jealous of your snow! I mean, no, I like still wearing sweaters instead of heavy jackets but it can't feel Christmasy until it snows!

  2. jeez! you sure take a lot of cell phone pics! but that's cool. i would too if i were around corbin all day.

  3. i love his little old school adidas he wore on monday! and that picture of him in the tub is so freaking cute.

  4. um yeah jess. i went a little overboard on the picture taking i think!

  5. Thanks for your comments.. :$

    Wow, awesome photos haha! Your world seems so eventful and cheery. You made "ginger bread" cookies eh? Haha. :)

    Corbin is so adorable.
    Also, I must say I love your button and how you used Corbin as the O's. Clever!

    What's that little thumbnail thing mean?


  6. Um, how much do I love Corbin sitting on the counter in Seahawks pjs? Too much! So cute, Jill.

  7. oh, my cute! i love him :) this is such a fun hop!

  8. So precious! I love love the pictures of him "helping" cook in the kitchen, and his hair in the tub. So sweet!

    Wow - snow! It's been in the 70's here...I wish it would cool off a bit!

  9. YESSSS!!! Ninja Turtles for the win!!!

    I just adore his blue eyes and his curly hair!

  10. omg!!! how cute is that bath pic? looks like a fun week and how sweet of your hubs to surprise you with the week off? so cute.

  11. The bath pic is too cute, I LOVE Corbin's hair. We missed out on the snow, I hope we get some more soon!

  12. My son is obsessed with books too. And he is also very interested in snow. Love the way your little man sleeps. So cute!!


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