Friday, November 26, 2010

flashback friday! {and thanksgiving}

the three of us had the best day celebrating thanksgiving with all our families! we spent the morning watching the macy's thanksgiving day parade. corbin loved it! and kept saying, "woooah" and, "woooow" and, "up, up" everytime he would see a blimp. i think his favorite was spider man!

once we were all ready we headed out to my moms. she lives right on puget sound and her view is amazing, epecially when its not totally grey outside! corbin also LOVED the food this year too. last thanksgiving we was just a tiny little three month old so there was no turkey for him! this year he scarfed down tons of turkey and sweet potatoes and stuffing and jellied cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie!

aw, look what a tiny little baby he was last year. and what a little boy he looks like now!!!
cousin jaden and corbin playing scrabble.
grammy bought corbin a whole bag of mega blocks and some monster trucks for him to play with!
and cousin demarcus tried to show corbin how to juggle!
on the way home corbin had a nice little nap and woke up just in time to hang out with ryan's side of the family. they had already ate but we hung out and ate dessert, looked at black friday ads from the paper, and played games!

and now we're on to christmas with a pretty big to do list. go hunt down the perfect christmas tree. put up decorations (i've already hung our stockings). pictures with santa. ride the santa train. zoolights. and snowflake lane (my all time FAVORITE!).


  1. looks like a pretty sweet thanksgiving dude!

  2. Oh man... those one year comparison pics are so cute. I love it :)

  3. Aww, I love the flashback! Look at how different he looks!

  4. oh, I can't believe the last year compared to this year pics of corbin. such a huge change (except for the hair!). where does your mom live? we went to magnolia for thanksgiving and it was really nice...thankfully the snow all melted for our drive.

  5. OH! look how much he's grown! i love the picture of him surrounded by block towers so much. i'm so glad you guys had a great thanksgiving :)

  6. wow! what a difference a year makes!

    I just want to squeeze him!
    PS> love the new banner


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